UK Study Visa

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Many students go to countries like Canada, Australia, etc. But the UK is also one of the best options for those who want to study abroad. Unlike before, the UK now allows work permits for those students who complete their graduation from UK colleges and institutions. The work permit can go up to 3 years after completing the studies in the UK.
For more information on the UK like benefits and such please read the below articles on the UK.

Why Study in the UK?

The qualification of the UK is recognized all over the world. These international students then go back to their country after graduation and move on to their successful careers.
The graduates from the UK are also preferred by major Corporate of the world.
The international students who had been attracted by the UK education system have come to become important influencers of the world like leading politics, global financial leaders, thinkers, and much more. These influencers include like Imran Khan, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Deng Yaping, Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton, and more.
If people want to explore the rest of Europe, then the UK is the ideal location for them. The best-in-class roads, air, and rail links allow the travel very economic and hassle-free. For international students, their identity cards will allow them to get numerous discounts on transport and sightseeing expenses.
There is a major advantage in the UK education system which is its duration of the programs and courses. Most of the undergraduate honors program takes about 3 years and the Master’s degree takes around 1-2 years. Due to the short duration of courses, students will be able to save their expenses on accommodations and tuition fees along will early start on jobs as they will graduate earlier.

Living in UK
Even though the expense of transport, sightseeing, etc. cost comparatively less, there are some initial costs which will make a hole in your pocket. So, to prevent that, you will have to plan accordingly especially if you plan to stay in the UK longer (i.e. students, workers, etc.). The essential things you should budget for are given in the following:

Accommodation is one of the major expenses in London whether you come for travelling purposes or for studying. If you fail to book the place to stay beforehand then get ready for hostel or hotel charges i.e. from 11 pounds per night. Or, you can stay at your friend’s place.

Transport is everyone’s need like for job hunting, for commuting to schools and office, etc. Hence, it is a must to have some cash only for transportation or you can buy an Oyster card for convenience.

Pack suitable clothes if you plan on staying in UK for long period of time as the temperature here varies, hence, you will need to fit all kinds of season clothes especially for job interviews or other formal places. Otherwise, you will need lots of pounds for the shopping for clothes and shoes.
First month’s rent and Bond:
When you go for flats or flat-share bonds which can go up to 6 weeks rent and it is also possible that you may have to pay one month of rent in advance. The rent can go up to as high as 1000 pounds based on the price of the rent.
Eating & Drinking:
After arriving in UK, eating and drinking out is inevitable and this comes with the holes in your pocket. Hence, it is recommended to buy the groceries and make your meals in-home yourself which will surely be much more economical.
You can save these bucks on important things like traveling or doing your hobbies and much more. So, keep in mind that London is not cheap in terms of Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.