Singapore Study Visa

Singapore is one of the dynamic cities which are rich in color and contrast. It’s a country where you will find a perfect combination of food, culture, arts and infrastructure. This City State has been successfully able to mix Eastern culture and Western business. There is the world’s largest oil refining center located in Singapore and the country is at 4th position as a leading financial center.

Even the World Bank has noted that Singapore is the easiest place in the world to do business according to the world economic landscape. The world’s best institution attracts to Singapore to set up their international campuses due to the country’s strong reputation for high-quality education.

Singapore has many private and public institutions that meet the international education standards for students from all over the world. The universities of Singapore also rank among the top 100 universities in the whole world.

Living in Singapore

As mentioned before, Singapore offers one of the best standards of living but that can make a hole in your pocket. According to Mercer cost of living survey in 2012, Singapore was among one of the top 10 expensive cities of the world and ranked at 6th position after the previous year’s position which was 8th.

People who want to live in Singapore same as their home town will find the cost of the property very high, whether they want to rent it or buy it. People who like to visit clubs and bars should also suggest getting some bucks as the Alcohol is also very expensive due to high taxes on it. There are also some heavy taxes imposed on the vehicle, hence owning a vehicle is also affects your financial conditions.

Food and Groceries are quite affordable compared to the above expenses. Apart from that, People who are comfortable dining in shopping mall food courts and local stalls will find that the food is very cheap in these places. These economical places will surely help you save some bucks while socializing with different people.


Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Singapore and the same language is for Singaporean Government as well. But, the most common language is English and the same language is used for trades and business. The institutes of Singapore usually conduct their classes in English. Cantonese, Malay and Tamil are the other common languages in Singapore.

Many people from Singapore speaks something different language known as “Singlish”. Singlish is a mixture of English and other languages which is hard for native English speaker to understand. However, it is very rare for English people to face any problem related to communication in Singapore.


Singapore enjoys a tropical climate without any sharply divided season because the country lies almost on the equator. Singapore has a high temperature and a large amount of rainfall as well as high humidity. The temperature of Singapore generally ranges from 22 to 34 degrees Celsius.

Humidity increases with the increase in rainfall which usually reaches 100%. The hottest months of Singapore are June and July while the monsoon season is from November to December.

Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore considered as an excellent education hub with its best-in-class universities and institutes providing quality education to foreign students at an affordable price. In 2013 QS Best Studies Cities, Singapore won 3rd place which represents the combination of diverse student communities with highly ranked institutions and universities along with the living standard.

The universities of Singapore provide the best facilities and services for students to enhance their development in academic and practical knowledge without any limitation. That’s why there are a number of students applying for this country for their study Visas from all around the world and different backgrounds.

In Singapore, students are provided unique learning methods along with sophisticated modern living which makes living in Singapore very vibrant and cosmopolitan. That’s why a number of students choose Singapore country for their studies abroad. If you are also interested in applying for Singapore Study Visa, then contact Sombir’s Visa Consultancy.