New Zealand Study Visa

In the department of international education, New Zealand has made big fame in it. The country is a wonderful place to live as it provides from excellent quality of education to an unmatched standard of living.

With a strict assurance quality system, the education regime is controlled which offers you the flexibility to choose the institute of your choice along with town or city based on your interest.

The country has a wide range of education systems with a total of 8 universities, 16 institutes of Polytechnic and Technology, and plenty of private institutes and colleges, all of which are known for their best-in-class education. Hence, it will be an amazing experience in New Zealand for students who want to complete their studies in this country with the best programs and courses.

Why study in New Zealand?

There are a plethora of answers to why Sombir’s Visa Consultancy suggests you pick New Zealand country if you want to study abroad. The benefits of New Zealand are given below:

  • The education programs and degrees of New Zealand are based on the world’s most accredited and recognized education system i.e. the British system.
  • The country has gained an international reputation as one of the best education providers.
  • The education system of New Zealand is very progressive along with numerous state of the art facilities.
  • New Zealand offers an environment of safe learning along with some other opportunities for international students.
  • New Zealand is also one of the excellent adventure playgrounds for people who like thrilling sports along with some relaxation and serene places.
  • The cost of the tuition fee in New Zealand is cheap in comparison to the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada.

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning country that is situated in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The country is created by two islands and the same rough size as the countries like Great Britain, California, or Japan based on the surface area. The cities, culture and sceneries of the country are diverse and vibrant.

New Zealand is home to around 4 million multi-cultural population including people from Pacific island and several other parts of India, Africa, Asia, Europe and The Middle East. 14 percent of the total population is Indigenous Maori only.

New Zealand also represents many major religions that are free from discrimination related to religions that are ensured by Human Rights Legislation. Hence, religions are a matter of choice for people in New Zealand.

Major cities of New Zealand have religious centers like temples, synagogues, churches, mosques and some other centers of prayers/worship for many religions. It is ensured that religious dietary requirements must meet by student hostels and homestay families.


New Zealand is situated in the southern hemisphere, hence, the month of January and February are the warmest while the Autumn season starts from March and ends in May. The winter season is from June to August and September to November month is for the spring season.

The climate of New Zealand is temperate along with relatively mild, warm dry summers and wet winters. The country’s not sub-tropical except for the far north. Due to different geographical regions, the weather changes a lot.

You can visit the official website to check the weather and the satellite map picture of New Zealand.

About Employment:

The new immigration regulation was introduced in the year 2005 which was about the student to be able to do the work while doing the studying and to post-study work opportunities. These policies of students were in effect on 4th July 2005.

Eligible candidates can work up to 20 hours per week which were previously restricted to 15 hours before.
Foreign students who are studying a 12 months course or above are eligible for full-time work in the summer holidays.
Students who are graduating from their 2-3 year diploma, degree, or post-graduation will be eligible for Job search permit for 6 months. After finding the job related to their qualification, the work permit will be extended to the validity of their job offer.