Canada Study Visa

As we all know, that Canada comes at no. 1 position to provide the best education along with the good employment rates. In addition, Canada also gives plenty of opportunities to get Permanent residence (P.R.). Due to these reasons, people often pick this country.


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Study in Canada

Canada possesses some of the world’s top academic institutions and research facilities. Students get to learn in an effective academic environment where professors and other teaching faculty are supportive. In addition, students also get to live in classroom full of diverse surroundings like students from all across the world.

Canada also has the institutions which are recognized by the world. This helps graduates to join the workforce effortlessly. That’s why the majority of students prefer to come to Canada rather than to another country. So that’s what it’s like to study in Canada.

Why Study in Canada?

  • Canada utilizes their capitals in the education system more than any country. Also the country is among the top three countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
  • The colleges and universities of Canada is well-known for its excellent education, safe campus, and modern infrastructure.
  • The country is at the top than anyone else in the information technology revolution. It is to ensure that their students are ready for the 21
  • Canadian universities degrees are considered equivalent to American degrees.
  • There are varieties of schools available in Canada including from small liberal arts schools to major research institutions.
  • The country also offers a full range of undergraduates, graduates, and other professional and special degree programs.
  • Canada has around 90 universities and 150 technical colleges and institutes which offer numerous courses and programs.
  • The modern classrooms, computer labs, and high-speed Internet access, you will experience modern teaching and learning methods.
  • Canada is one of those few countries whose students who score nearly top in science and mathematics along within Reading in OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study.
  • The country spanning over ninety universities, which, according to U.N., offers the highest quality of life in the whole world.
  • Students will find world-renowned writers and artists, reputed scientists, and excellent professors as a part of the faculty in Canadian universities and institutes.
  • Canada is also a world leader in several industries such as Environmental industries, Mining technology, Biotechnology, Urban transport, Aerospace engineering, telecommunications and Software development.
  • Some universities of Canada also provide the opportunity to go above an ordinary degree by participating in co-operative or International exchange programs. Students can also participate in some extra-curricular activities and athletics as well.

Living in Canada

It is a dream for Indian people to live in Canada and the reason is only because of its Lifestyle. People are happy in this country as there are multiple job opportunities, part-time works for students who want to cover their expenses, less population, and much more.

And that’s not all; the country is also famous for their tourism as well. Places like Niagara Falls, Whistler for perfect Ski Resort, Quebec City to explore the influence of French culture, and much more. Hence, Canada has plenty of tourist places for explorer adventurous people.


The climate varies drastically in Canada depending on the region. From lush vegetation of British Columbia west coast to the permanent frozen ice caps in north of the 70th parallel. In contrast, there are mainly four seasons, specifically in areas with more population including the US border.

In summer time, the daytime temperature can go to 35 degrees and more while the lowest of -15 degrees is not shocking in the winter season. In the spring and fall seasons, the temperature is moderate. The people of Canada have adapted well to the extreme climate of the country by installing heaters in houses and cars and the same application is applied in the public transportation system as well.