Australia Study Visa

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Why Study in Australia?

According to some surveys, there were almost 1,92,460 international students who enrolled in Australian universities on 1st September 2004. Some reports also reveal that the number of full degree students increased by 51.9% in India. Hence, there are many reasons why a foreign student attracts towards the Australia for study which is given following:

The qualifications and institutions of Australia are recognized by world for their excellent and high quality education system.
Students who graduate from Australia are successful and some also get a prominent position in top organizations. In addition, they are easily accepted at international universities for postgraduate studies as well.
Students who are from foreign countries can do part-time work in Australia for up to 20 hours per week. This will allow them to make money, gain some work experience in a foreign country and interact with any kinds of new people.
For international students,  scholarship opportunities are also available.
Australia is a multi-cultural country. It is also a very safe, sophisticated, friendly and harmonious society where students can independently learn and travel.
It is mandatory for universities of Australia meets the strict accreditation requirements and educational standards by their respective government authority.
The tuition fees and cost of accommodation is comparatively lee than the USA and UK. Hence, Australia provides value for money study programs and a good lifestyle, which is one of the highest in the whole world.
Australia is one of the extremely diverse countries in the whole world. The country will be very different from home, but the country is very friendly and welcoming. Also, the international experience will reflect well on your resume which will increase the chances of future opportunities in the job and can give you an advantage in employment.

Living in Australia

Sports and Recreation:

The people of Australia are very fond of outdoor activities and sports. The country also gained some reputation in this sector in the world both as individuals and as a team. Australia possesses over 120 national sports organizations along with thousands of Club, Regional and State bodies.


Australia is also known for its modern transport systems like extensive public transport systems such as Ferries, tramways, buses, trains, two major national airlines and many regional airlines.

Metered taxicabs are also available in all major towns and cities and you can find them on transport terminals, shopping centers, hotels, or you can also take a taxi on the street.


Students may like to explore the outside of the capital cities of Australia during their summer breaks like some stunning natural beauty or some best physical national parks. Tasmanian Wilderness, Uluru, Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best tourist destinations in Australia.


Australia is home to a variety of cuisines. Whether it is Vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, all of these are the best quality and also exported to markets of the whole world. You can find almost all kind of worldly meal in the Australia. There are some best restaurants and also pubs for party freaks with the best cuisines.

If you want to find a meal or food that’s less expensive, then you can that too in places like bistros or cafes. Apart from that, if you like takeaways, then some major global food franchise chains are also available in Australia.