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It’s been more than 15 years since we are in the business of International Education Recruitment and the aim and fundamental principles is still the same. Our job is to think beyond the profits in business and solely focus on to help our clients and students. We help our students to achieve their goals as hassle-free as possible. We do that so our students can choose their career path which will decide their future.

Similarly, we want our team and staff members to reach their goals in an exciting, challenging and respectful environment which will help them in their development and growth. We have been known for our excellent service and we still continue to do so with improved faculties. Sombir’s Visa Consultancy always aim for higher service experience with innovation and re-invent itself with the rapid change in society.

We always try to reach for the best coaching institute in Karnal in IELTS, PTE and Spoken English sectors. To do that, we maintain our corporate culture with friendly teamwork and stability. Hence, you can rely on us to provide you best care and services to reach your desired goals for your future career.

Sombir (MD and the Founder of Sombir’s Visa Consultancy)

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